Cable Harness Assembly

Cable Assemblies include one or more wires that run together in a single sleeve with a connector or plug on each end.  Cable assemblies could be groups of wires or cables bundled together.  They are wrapped in a thermoplastic or vinyl sleeve, cable assemblies are ideal for directing groups of wires and cables around obstacles.

Cable assemblies are designed to perform specific functions that is determined by the plugs, terminals, and connectors that are found on each end.  They are used in most electronic applications, everything from flat panel displays to the automotive electronic system to integrated cockpit systems to simple LED lighted clothing, costumes and accessories.

What Do You Use Cable Assemblies For?

Cable assemblies intersect or interconnect different circuits or electrical paths, so they work together to transmit signals or power.  They usually only have two ends to connect point A to point B.

Ethernet Cable HarnessFor example, ethernet cable assemblies are designed to provide service supporting bandwidth speeds up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, such as large data centers, military field units, and medical facilities.  For those applications that require a lightweight, smaller assembly that can transmit clearly and rapidly over great distances, support greater bandwidths, with high voltage isolation, then fiber optic cable assemblies would meet those needs.  A few of the industries that utilize fiber optic cable assemblies, include aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical, and military applications.

Cable harnesses are more complex in nature and may require different machinery and tools to be consistent with production. Creating slits and windows in cables demand specialized equipment to handle the various conductors within the insulation.  We

Located in Carson, California, ACME PCB Assembly utilizes top of the line technology from Schleuniger to perfectly cut, strip, and process any wire or cable you need. After 25 plus years in the business, ACME PCB Assembly has the experience to be your contract manufacturer for cable & wire harness projects. As an IPC-A-610 certified assembler with a certified trainer in house, you can be rest assured the cables and wires that come out of ACME will exceed the standards.

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