Is Through-Hole Assembly Still Important to Use?

Before the 1960s, the through-hole assembly process for mounting components onto printed circuit boards was the only game in town. It was labor-intensive and required a lot of space, but it was the only option. That all changed with the rise of surface mount technology (SMT), which allows for components to be mounted directly onto a printed circuit board’s surface. Since SMT doesn’t require drilling holes through a PCB, its components are much smaller and can be mounted on each side of the board. The result is a denser, smaller PCB that can perform much better than a PCB using through-hole technology.

When SMT came on the scene, many engineers believed it would harken the death of through-hole PCBs. However, while SMT does reign supreme, through-hole is still with us today. In very specific circumstances, through-hole PCBs are a better choice than their SMT counterparts.


Through-hole PCBs may be bigger and clunkier than SMT PCBs, but they do offer up one important advantage. Through-hole components are attached far more securely than SMT, which gives them a much stronger connection between layers. SMT connections are strong enough for the vast majority of products that people use in their day-to-day lives, but for machines that must operate in extreme environments, through-hole is the more reliable and stable option.

For example, through-hole PCBs can be commonly found in machines in the military and aerospace industries. Oftentimes, these machines must survive extreme temperatures, forceful collisions, and rapid accelerations. Through-hole is the ideal reliable and resilient mounting option for these types of products.


The other area where you are most likely to find through-hole mounting is in product prototypes. Through-hole is often preferred in prototyping, because it is much easier to adjust and replace components as the prototype undergoes testing and design alterations. If you are dreaming up an exciting new product, you’ll want to reach out to a printed circuit board vendor that is adept at through-hole mounting. This will give you more flexibility as you put the prototype through its paces.

Find Your SMT and Through-Hole Vendor

No matter what your industry or product line, it is smart to look for a printed circuit board manufacturer with both SMT and through-hole experience. This will allow you more choice and more control over your final product. At ACME PCB Assembly, we offer extensive experience in both SMT assembly and through-hole assembly.

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Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

If you are in need of fully assembled printed circuit boards (PCBs) for your products, but you don’t know where to start, this article will guide you in the right direction. If  you don’t have any printed circuit boards or any of the parts, and you certainly don’t want to burden your limited staff with the task of putting all those PCBs together, you will need a full-service PCB assembly provider.

Printed Circuit Board FabricationACME PCB Assembly is an ISO 9001:2015 certified EMS. We make sure you get best price with highest quality, on time delivery schedule. All PCBs are meet the high standards established by the IPC 600. Since ACME PCB Assembly is a IPC certified trainer for IPC A-610, we know how important the quality of bare board is, and we know what can drive the PCB Assembly labor higher.

Being a full-service PCB assembly provider means that we handle every aspect of the project. You just give us your specs, and we’ll do everything else, including:

  • Fabricating the printed circuit boards
  • Ordering all the components of the PCBs
  • Assembling the PCBs according to your specs

At Acme PCB Assembly, we have the experience, the vendor relationships, and the well-trained staff of fulfill your PCB order. The great thing about full-service PCB assembly is that you don’t have to worry about a thing. You don’t have to find the right parts vendors or ship materials to us. We handle everything.

We closely match new incoming inquiries to board house equipment and capabilities, ensuring you receive only those inquiries that you are interested in Acme Circuit board assembly provide PCB fabrication service in the development and manufacturing of quality single, double sided and Multi-Layers printed circuit boards for the computer, medical, transportation, communication, aircraft, aerospace and related industries.

Of course, if you already have printed circuit boards on hand and the PCB components you need, then you can also opt for partial service.

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