Box Build

ACME PCB Assembly provides a quick turnaround time on all PCB prototype assembly service. There is no order too small, we offer 1-piece board with 1-day assembly lead time. ACME guarantees an on-time delivery of rapid PCB assembly service.

ACME PCB Assembly does not involve itself with ITAR project, therefore, we are more flexible on PCB Assembly for prototyping, small run productions, and medium quantity sets of PCB assembly with much affordable assembly cost. We can process several dozens of different products weekly. ACME PCB Assembly is aimed on small to medium volume assembly and specializes on low volume high mix boards.

Our technical capabilities can cover machine placed SMT components as small as 01005, fine-pitch BGA, QFN board.  We have earned the good recommendations from our customers through the excellent services we have provided.

Wesley Dwelly – Dec. 2019

Printed Circuit Board FabricationI am the CTO at VAWD APPLIED SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. We have worked with ACME PCB on several projects. The PCB’s include, thru-hole and surface mount components ranging from power connectors to high density FPGAs with large pin count BGAs along with very fine pitch connectors and QFN’s. Their work has always been high quality and flawless. ACME is more like a design partner than an assembly house. ACME performs a detailed pre-assembly inspection that has saved us lots of money and time by finding footprint and part number issues that would have created costly rework or even scraping the PCB’s. This partnership is critical for efficient circuit board development and we highly recommend ACME PCB for even the most complex designs.

Timothy Jones – Oct. 2019

ACME recently built 25 sets of 3 different board designs for me. All were lead free. One had surface mount components on both sides. Some components were fine pitch QFN packages. ACME also supplied the PCBs from our original design files. This was our first post prototype production. The result was zero defects and zero problems of any note. On top of that, Stephen, Alice, and others at ACME were pleasant to deal with, timely, and very responsive. I sincerely appreciate your high-quality service. Thank you very much.

Reid Harrison – July 2019

I have used Acme for over four years, and they have done outstanding work for us on challenging projects. Their technical ability and quality control are top notch, and they really take the time to respond to customers’ needs. Very professional, and high-quality work with no missed deadlines, in my experience.