Wire Harness

It is important to understand that a wire harness is different than a cable harness.  A wire is a single conductor, while cables are two or more wires that are insulated being wrapped in a larger jacket. These two technologies demand their own set of unique tools, fixtures, and machinery to help reduce production costs. Knowing exactly what type of product being used is crucial to perfectly create your designs.

Wire harnesses generally do not need much to work with and is generally an inexpensive and cost-efficient way for many people to solve their electrical needs. With a single machine, one can increase their production capabilities because of the relative simplicity of wires in general.

A wire harness is a method that incorporates several point-to-point cable assemblies together into one conclusive assembly.  They are generally held together using cable ties or some form of protective sleeve used to protect the wires or cables from environmental conditions like moisture, heat or friction, and to organize the different breakouts for easy routing through a system or box build.

What Can Wire Harnesses be Used For?

Though you might confuse a wire harness for a cable assembly, there is one main difference and that is a wire harnesses usually contains several ends or breakouts, running in different directions, serving multiple functions with multiple terminations on each breakout.

A custom wire harness can be used in durable goods like household appliances, in and around engines of all kinds – automobiles, buses, locomotives, trucks, and even planes.  Electronic equipment, construction machinery, industrial equipment, HVAC products all use wire harnesses as well.

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