Acme circuit board assembly has been providing high-quality Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) in Los Angeles since 1993, and offering BGA assembly since 1995. As a medium size contract manufacturer (CM), we are very flexible in our ability to meet our customer’s requirements. Although we are not a Electronic Manufacturing Services provider, but we utilize the best equipment to provide high-quality printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services. As an electronic manufacturing service provider, we know that we have to be flexible on processes, maintain good quality, and offer reasonable prices for our services. With the right choice in a contract manufacturer, outsourcing to a printed circuit board assembly house can result in cost reduction and benefits.

ACME PCB Assembly workmanship meets IPC-610 Class I-II-III, IPC-ANSI-J-STD-001 and has been Certified by ISO 9001:2015 QMS (the standard for quality management systems). We take great pride in this as it demonstrates that we perform high-quality production that can be measured by quality standards. Because our entire company performs to these standards, this quality level is something that you can expect from us no matter what the quality requirement is for your project. To assure that we meet IPC-A-610, we have a certified training instructor in-house. As a Electronic Manufacturing Services provider, ACME is also had ISO 14001:2015 certified, for the environment improve, for help the Green Earth, we are build the chemical management system, and environmental management system on year 2016.

The right size company
For small to medium size orders, the large-volume contract manufacturers very often cannot provide the services you need due to their large operation and large overhead. Also, customers with smaller orders will typically not receive the benefit of flexibility, customer communication, and reasonable assembly costs that they would with us. Acme PCB Assembly is an EMS provider for PCB assembly with 40 employees in a 16,000 square foot facility. Our FUJI SMT assembly line is a high-speed pick and place machine to serve the larger production quantities. The best fit production quantity for us is prototype to 20,000 pieces. Production runs of over 20,000 pieces may be more effectively handled by a larger CM.

We will be here when you need us. In 1998 through 2000, the collapse of the dot-com bubble impacted many contract manufacturing service providers who could not survive. In 2001, because of 911, more EMS providers closed their doors. In 2008 through 2010, the financial crisis forced more electronic contract manufacturers to close. As you can imagine, OEMs necessarily suffered the pain of repeated source selections and surveys to qualify new contract manufacturers. Acme PCB Assembly started operations in 1993 and we have not only been here through all those years, we have continued to grow. You can rely on us.

As an Electronic Manufacturing Services provider, we provide the following services:
• Electronic R&D
PCB design
• PCB layout
• PCB fabrication
• PCB rework
SMT PCB assembly
• Thru-hole PCB assembly
• BGA assembly and repair
Wire stripping
Conformal coating
• Prototype assembly
• Electronic engineering
Turnkey assembly
• Fine-pitch IC soldering

ACME PCB Assembly is also a very friendly electronic manufacturing services provider. Following are a few reviews from satisfied customers:

I am the CTO at VAWD APPLIED SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. We have worked with ACME PCB as electronic manufacturing services provider on several projects. The PCB’s include, thru-hole and surface mount components ranging from power connectors to high density FPGAs with large pin count BGAs along with ultra-fine pitch connectors and QFN’s. Their work has always been high quality and flawless. ACME is more like a design partner than an assembly house. ACME performs a detailed pre-assembly inspection that has saved us lots of money and time by finding footprint and part number issues that would of created costly rework or even scraping the PCB’s. This partnership is critical for efficient circuit board development and we highly recommend ACME PCB for even the most complex designs.

Timothy Jones
I have used Acme for over four years, and they have done outstanding work for us on challenging projects. Their technical ability and quality control is top notch, and they really take the time to respond to customers’ needs. Very professional, and high quality work with no missed deadlines, in my experience.

We had several hundred devices that we suspected were in need of rework due to a damaged PCB assembly from another CM. we don’t want go back to doing the rework. I found ACME PCB Assembly can also doing the rework job. The complete project would be intense, requiring us to test each device to determine which needed modification. We only had several weeks to remove the suspect PCBs, rework the PCBs, reconfigure and re-test the devices and finally re-package and prepare to meet pre-scheduled ship date. We discussed our situation with Stephen Yun of ACME PCB Assembly. He assured us that he could make the necessary I.C. replacement rework and return our Boards quickly to meet our critical schedule. We were amazed how fast ACME PCB was able to rework / return our PCBs. They even delivered the processed boards to our local test facility to save us some valuable time. We were able to complete this immense project within our limited time constraints due to the fast turn-around by ACME PCB Assembly. I want to personally thank you Stephen, for how quickly ACME PCB Assembly was able to rework my PCB assemblies and for the quality for your work. We were able to meet our schedule. I would definitely recommend their PCB services and would use them again needed.