Surface-mount technology requires knowing the entire process that it entails. Surface-mount technology has specific demands for the design process since you need to use special PCB tools. As soon as the design is ready, the manufacturer will always do the testing with a single board first.

The prototype we create for you will have the task of confirming that the fabrication based on that design is possible and error-free. Once you confirm that, the entire process is virtually pretty much automated, and requires minimal involvement.

Thanks to the automation process, SMT assembly minimizes the errors that may happen due to having human involvement. It helps secure the improved reliability and consistency of the PCB boards. Some other advantages that SMT ensures are:

  • Reduced size and weight – by soldering components directly on the board, the SMT saves plenty of room. That is how you can maintain the reliability and performance of a PCB while reducing its size and weight.
  • More components in a smaller space – it is not only about reducing the size, but SMT also enables us to put more elements in a restricted area. That is how these boards can perform better than their predecessors while keeping their compact design.
  • Money savings – if you don’t use the same amount of materials as before, the cost should be decreased, too. Additionally, there is no need to go through hole-drilling operations to mount components. Thanks to that, you can also lower the labor costs.

As usual, We keep additional capacity, shorter time-to-market and State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities. Fuji NXT Surface Mount Technology (SMT) pick and place machine give us the capability to working on Surface Mount Technology (SMT) component package smaller than 01 005 which is 1/4 size of 0201 component.

Acme Circuit Boards Assembly starting doing electronics contract manufacturing for SMT assembly (SMTA) since year 1994. Manufacturing in Carson which is in 10 miles south of Los Angeles airport, CA. ISO 9001:2015 certified is a guarantee for all right process at EMS.