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Domestic PCB assembly houses are a much better alternative to foreign contract manufacturers. Domestic PCB assembly firms have a multitude of benefits.

• Key advantages include better quality assurance as well as the confidentiality of your intellectual property. Quality comes into question when outsourcing printed circuit board assembly as the firms located overseas may not have proper qualifications to handle your product. There is a growing problem of IPs being appropriated by non-legitimate organizations overseas, and one surefire way to minimize that risk is to find a trustworthy, reliable, and IPC A-610 certified company like ACME PCB Assembly to build your products.

• By outsourcing work overseas, one is typically trying to lower the cost of labor. However, lowering the cost of labor by outsourcing overseas can incur higher transportation costs. Outsourcing PCB assembly overseas is only viable in very few situations. A firm would need a product that has high volume runs with longer lead times and repeat jobs to even consider this method. Any other job, from prototyping to batch production, are better off done domestically as quality would remain the focus.

• Another advantage is that it would be significantly easier to communicate domestically as opposed to abroad. There are twenty-four time zones across the globe, and keeping track of which vendor or customer is in working hours could be a hassle to deal with. Language barriers are also an obstacle while outsourcing to businesses. Although many countries around the globe speak English, people with lower proficiencies could cause issues in communication and result in misunderstandings.

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Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

Did You Know That We Can Also Rework Your Defective PCBs?

When you put in a large order for printed circuit boards from a PCB assembly service provider, you may find that a few circuit boards are defective in each bunch. Rather than write these circuit boards off as a loss (and lose your investment), you may be able to give them new life.

At ACME PCB Assembly, we may be able to re-work and repair some defective printed circuit boards. Often, this requires de-soldering and re-soldering components. This is manual work that must be performed by a trained technician. Fortunately, we have highly qualified staff members who can perform these repairs for you. This way, you don’t have to write off so many PCBs and can re-coup at least some of your costs.

PCB repair and rework services are an essential a process as manufacturing. Ensuring that any design flaw or damaged PCB component is repaired immediately will help maintain the PCB’s performance. In addition to these services, we conduct functional tests on your PCBs after the repair work is completed. This is performed to ensure that the device is running as per application and industry requirements.

We closely match new incoming inquiries to board house equipment and capabilities, ensuring you receive only those inquiries that you are interested in Acme Circuit board assembly provide PCB fabrication service in the development and manufacturing of quality single, double sided and Multi-Layers printed circuit boards for the computer, medical, transportation, communication, aircraft, aerospace and related industries.

At ACME PCB Assembly, we take full responsibility for your printed circuit board order. This means we that we use only ACME PCB Assembly certified suppliers as our offshore partners.

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ACME PCB Assembly working as a Greenhouse for Electronic Manufacturing Service. the solar panel save 64.2KW which Environmental benefits, over 25 years, the PV system is estimated to offset: CO2 emissions (greenhouse gas) 4136092 lbs. Particulates that cause asthma 817 lbs. it’s equivalent to taking 21.8 cars off the road for 25 years, or Planting 35.5 acres of trees. 
sounds great? Applause for ACME PCB Assembly, right? 

Many reasons drive the global push to “go green”. While nature conservation is one of them, ensuring economic and social wellbeing, mental and physical health, and a sustainable future for humans are some other powerful incentives.

This reliance on natural resources for material and energy requirement is becoming a major environmental and economic problem says EcoWatch, depleting resources needed to “power economies and lift people out of poverty.” Since many of the resources are non-renewable, at current rates of use, the world will run out of many necessary materials. Even renewable resources are at risk as some need long periods to be replenished point out by the experts.

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Wire Harness

It is important to understand that a wire harness is different than a cable harness.  A wire is a single conductor, while cables are two or more wires that are insulated being wrapped in a larger jacket. These two technologies demand their own set of unique tools, fixtures, and machinery to help reduce production costs. Knowing exactly what type of product being used is crucial to perfectly create your designs.

Wire harnesses generally do not need much to work with and is generally an inexpensive and cost-efficient way for many people to solve their electrical needs. With a single machine, one can increase their production capabilities because of the relative simplicity of wires in general.

A wire harness is a method that incorporates several point-to-point cable assemblies together into one conclusive assembly.  They are generally held together using cable ties or some form of protective sleeve used to protect the wires or cables from environmental conditions like moisture, heat or friction, and to organize the different breakouts for easy routing through a system or box build.

What Can Wire Harnesses be Used For?

Though you might confuse a wire harness for a cable assembly, there is one main difference and that is a wire harnesses usually contains several ends or breakouts, running in different directions, serving multiple functions with multiple terminations on each breakout.

A custom wire harness can be used in durable goods like household appliances, in and around engines of all kinds – automobiles, buses, locomotives, trucks, and even planes.  Electronic equipment, construction machinery, industrial equipment, HVAC products all use wire harnesses as well.

Located in Carson, California, ACME PCB Assembly utilizes top of the line technology from Schleuniger to perfectly cut, strip, and process any wire or cable you need. After 27 plus years in the business, ACME PCB Assembly has the experience to be your contract manufacturer for cable & wire harness projects. As an IPC-A-610 certified assembler with a certified trainer in house, you can be rest assured the cables and wires that come out of ACME will exceed the standards.

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