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Domestic PCB assembly houses are a much better alternative to foreign contract manufacturers. Domestic PCB assembly firms have a multitude of benefits.

• Key advantages include better quality assurance as well as the confidentiality of your intellectual property. Quality comes into question when outsourcing printed circuit board assembly as the firms located overseas may not have proper qualifications to handle your product. There is a growing problem of IPs being appropriated by non-legitimate organizations overseas, and one surefire way to minimize that risk is to find a trustworthy, reliable, and IPC A-610 certified company like ACME PCB Assembly to build your products.

• By outsourcing work overseas, one is typically trying to lower the cost of labor. However, lowering the cost of labor by outsourcing overseas can incur higher transportation costs. Outsourcing PCB assembly overseas is only viable in very few situations. A firm would need a product that has high volume runs with longer lead times and repeat jobs to even consider this method. Any other job, from prototyping to batch production, are better off done domestically as quality would remain the focus.

• Another advantage is that it would be significantly easier to communicate domestically as opposed to abroad. There are twenty-four time zones across the globe, and keeping track of which vendor or customer is in working hours could be a hassle to deal with. Language barriers are also an obstacle while outsourcing to businesses. Although many countries around the globe speak English, people with lower proficiencies could cause issues in communication and result in misunderstandings.

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