Wesley Dwelly:
I am the CTO at VAWD APPLIED SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. We have worked with ACME PCB on several projects. The PCB’s include, thru-hole and surface mount components ranging from power connectors to high density FPGAs with large pin count BGAs along with ultra fine pitch connectors and QFN’s. Their work has always been high quality and flawless. ACME is more like a design partner than an assembly house. ACME performs a detailed pre-assembly inspection that has saved us lots of money and time by finding footprint and part number issues that would of created costly rework or even scraping the PCB’s. This partnership is critical for efficient circuit board development and we highly recommend ACME PCB for even the most complex designs.

Timothy Jones:
ACME recently built 25 sets of 3 different board designs for me. All were lead free. One had surface mount components on both sides. Some components were fine pitch QFN packages. ACME also supplied the PCBs from our original design files. This was our first post prototype production. The end result was zero defects and zero problems of any note. On top of that, Stephen, Alice, and others at ACME were pleasant to deal with, timely, and very responsive. I sincerely appreciate your high quality service. Thank you very much.

Meichun Yu:
We had several hundred devices that we suspected were in need of rework due to a damaged PCB assembly from another CM. we don’t want go back to doing the rework. I found ACME PCB Assembly can also doing the rework job. The complete project would be intense, requiring us to test each device to determine which needed modification. We only had serveral weeks to remove the suspect PCBs, rework the PCBs, reconfigure and re-test the devices and finally re-package and prepare to meet pre-scheduled ship date. We discussed our situation with Stephen Yun of ACME PCB Assembly. He assured us that he could make the necessary I.C. replacement rework and return our Boards quickly to meet our critical schedule. We were amazed how fast ACME PCB was able to rework / return our PCBs. They even delivered the processed boards to our local test facility to save us some valuable time. We were able to complete this immense project within our limited time constraints due to the fast turn-around by ACME PCB Assembly. I want to personally thank you Stephen, for how quickly ACME PCB Assembly was able to rework my PCB assemblies and for the quality for your work. We were able to meet our schedule.

A Google User:
Acme has been not only reliable but also easy to work with throughout the years. Highly modernized facility with top tier machineries translated into efficiency and quality. They are probably one of the best kept secrets in the assembly industry.ule. I would definitely recommend their PCB services and would use them again needed.